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Sales Management Mastery

Sales leaders face a more challenging environment than at any point in selling history. The amount of distractions facing sales teams is unprecedented, and it is their job to keep the team focused on what matters most.  Those that do, are able to produce incredible results.


Sales Mastery

Imagine the impact of just 10% more of your sales force making quota. Or 20%… Over the last three decades, we’ve found that small shifts in psychology, skills, process and tools can create dramatic breakthroughs. Mastery can revolutionize how companies compete and win. But according to a recent Gartner report, 47% of CRM projects fail to meet their stated outcome. Why?

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Selecting and deploying a CRM system is one of the most important decisions you can undertake to enable a world class sales culture.

Less than 55% of reps are currently making quota
Customers say “no” 6 times a day before they say “yes”
65% of sales professionals stop at the second “no”
75% of new leads never receive a sales call

About Us

CloudCoaching is a dynamic award winning cloudbased behavioral integration service that systematically combines winning CRM behaviors while delivering targeted sales results, sustainable growth, and measurable ROI into the DNA of your organization. Sales behavior and performance modeling are integrated and aligned with weekly disciplined selling activity, optimized sales processes and weekly result huddles that ensure rapid and sustainable sales performance improvement. Create sales breakthroughs today.

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    In the end that is what creates breakthroughs

  • Focus

    Results come from absolute commitment

  • Breakthroughs

    “If you don’t think you can, YOU MUST!” It’s never the best. Only better, better, better…

CloudCoach for Salesforce CRM

How do users learn to use Salesforce for their real day to day processes?

That’s where your CloudCoach fits in.

What others say about us

Tony Robbins

The results we achieved with Coaching in the Cloud™ were so impressive, and the similarities between Baker Communications’ coaching process and my methodologies for creating breakthroughs are so compelling, that creating CloudCoaching International was a natural outcome.

Tony RobbinsEntrepreneur, Author & Peak Performance Strategist
Marc Benioff

Tony Robbins has been one of the critical keys to’s leadership in cloud computing and its growth into a three billion dollar company…

Coaching in the Cloud maximizes CRM investment by leveraging breakthrough strategies and tools that accelerate the tempo of our customer’s Pipeline to Purchase cycle.

Marc BenioffCEO & Founder -
Roy Schwartz

Coaching in the cloud institutionalizes a systematic prospecting cadence that significantly increases our ability to Land & Expand in key accounts, resulting in more pipeline and closed deals!

Roy SchwartzChief Revenue Officer - POLITICO
Mike Clayville

VMware MUST keep pace at double digit growth, which is predicated upon our ability to significantly expand our pipeline while accelerating our sales cycle.  Coaching in the Cloud is a disciplined strategy that anchors sustainable selling best practices while driving “incremental” growth and accelerating our Pipeline to Purchase cycle.  Bottom line – it works!

Mike ClayvilleSVP North American Sales - VMware

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